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Re: Dating Thread - Ranting, Bitching, Story-telling, Advice, and of course Judgment!

Originally Posted by Matías. View Post

So many things to say.

One thing that has always annoyed me is that we don't go out to dance that much as I would like, his friends (specially his fag hag) don't like me, so when we do go out it's always on small groups or with my friends or just the 2 of us, this for us has become quite an issue because his fag hag and friends always have plans on weekends and always try to make him go out with them (without me of course) which is not the ideal but I don't mind that much, problem is he thinks I do mind and he has been lying to me about his whereabouts as if I was a control freak, one time like 2 months ago he didn't go home at all a whole weekend and his dad was so worried that he called me trying to reach Fabian and I didn't know where the hell he was, that's how I found out his lies.

Another thing is that he has been really depressed the past week and I of course have been by his side the whole time, we actually got much closer I thought, sharing our feelings and sharing personal stuff we hadn't before, which is a super huge thing for me as I tend to be Mr. Ice King sometimes, but anyway just when I thought all our problems were in the past this Tuesday he accuses me of making him feel bad, saying all these horrible things to him that never came out of my mouth, he literally called me a "male bitch" he probably thinks I'm cheating on him too.

We haven't officially break up yet but I don't know it is all so weird, he went as far as not talking to me at all these days, he even blockeed me from facebook for a couple of hours yesterday didn't respond any of my whatsapp texts, anything no contact nada. Today he unblocked from facebook, commented on my wall some irrelevant stuff like nothing happened, I've been ignoring him the whole time of course.

The worse thing is that I think I love him and I feel like this is a co dependant relationship like you don't have idea the anxiety I have been experiencing these days. I just don't like feeling this way for a guy.
i'm just gonna be honest and say there's so many signs that point to the failure of this relationship already. lack of compromise, seemingly lack of trust, the way he's treating you, the lack of maturity (blocking on fb, ignoring, tacky little stuff like that with seemingly little reason)

how long have u been with him? just know that one or two intimate moments isn't worth a dozen moments of bullshit. you should do what makes you happy, and being with him clearly isn't making you happy. breaking up with him is gonna hurt, but aren't you hurting just being with him right now? and it seems like the longer ur with him, the more ur gonna hurt soooo would u rather long and painful, or really long and painful?

hope everything works out somehow for u tho

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