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Re: How are the European protests/strikes going?

Originally Posted by HippityHop View Post
As Europe plots closer ties, Britain mulls split


BRUSSELS — Goodbye Britain?
For the European Union....

"Withdrawing from the EU can no longer be dismissed as unthinkable. It is no longer a marginal view confined to mavericks, but a legitimate point that is starting to go mainstream," Douglas Carswell, a legislator with Cameron's Conservative Party, told Parliament as it debated the idea of leaving the EU.

Last month, Cameron faced a huge rebellion within his own party as 81 of the 303 Conservative lawmakers defied his orders and voted to hold an urgent referendum on EU membership in 2015.

Read the rest here:

I didn't realize that the EU was all up in everybody's business like that.

I guess you have to give up something to get something.
There will be an EU with or without the U.K.. How big or small of an EU depends on how persuasive the British (and some others ) are.

The only major country in the world that supports a successful EU is China.
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