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Re: Showtime Drama: "Homeland"

Originally Posted by NyCPsU View Post
The SNL skit is hilarious. Saw that last week.

Why on earth would they let Carrie trail Brody? That just seemed so dumb to me.

The show still gives me everything I want from it even if its getting a bit far-fetched, repetitive at times now.
That's exactly what I was thinking! I said to myself, "oh great, what's she gonna do now". I wish she could find a way to continue to listen to her gut but w.out being so out of control and above the "fray".

Originally Posted by Whitehead's Boy View Post
Not really. You guys are way too critical, it's like reading televisionwithoutpity. I'm enjoying most of it (except the Dana drama).
To be fair the same people u call "too critical" are a lot of the same people who showered the show w.praise in season 1. For me personally nothing has changed. The show did this to me last season and what makes the show really good is how it always 'overcomes my objections'. Right now Carrie is a bit annoying so I have faith they will find a way for me to love her again.

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