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Re: Dexter

Originally Posted by Edward. View Post
The scene with Izaac and Dexter in the bar was one of the best ever Dexter scenes. It was just brilliantly well done and acted.

The incest thing being dragged up was cringey though. I thought they left that ridiculous plotline dead and buried after season 6.

But Hannah is in danger next week and I don't like that at all She's one of the best ever Dexter characters.
Completely agree!! Just watched it and it was amazing.

The scene with Deb/Dexter was really awkward and terrible but it was such a stark contrast to the next scene with Isaac/Dexter - which was brilliant. I was sitting there wishing there's some way for them to become friends. Side note: why oh why were all the men in that gay bar ugly as FUCK?!

Something's going to need to happen to LaGuerta and soon. She's quickly and quietly piecing things together and Dexter is too busy with Isaac, Hannah and Deb to even notice.

And I HATE that they brought the kids back.

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