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Re: How are the European protests/strikes going?

Originally Posted by HippityHop View Post
Which is why I put "free" in quotation marks. Nothing that man creates is "free". As for being up in arms that reinforces my point. Rioting and protesting doesn't create money where there is none. And it takes money to provide a safety net. They need to figure out how to get their economies going so that they generate the necessary funds to provide the things that people want.

Otherwise they'll have to print money and that leads to a worthless currency that nobody trusts or wants thereby making the problems even worse.
oh, but there is enough money. just the other day i read about the widening gap between top and bottom earners here in austria. given that those in need are a small fraction of the population taking a little money from top earners shouldn't be a problem. it's not really that different in greece or spain. it's just that people refuse to accept that those who don't earn much money should carry the burden of the crisis most.
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