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Re: ~Ana's articles~

Part II, about Nigel, tennis, being famous...

Q: What you do before the match?

A: I love listening to music when i warm-up before the match. I don't have to talk to anybody and i can focus on my match...I have a few minutes to talk to Nigel about tactics, he can give me some suggestions on what to focus on and he can boost up my confidence like no one else.

Q: Do you see Nigel while you're playing?

A: Yes, i love to have that kind of support, it's always nice to see familiar face and positive person in my box. I look at him quit often during the match. I think everybody need support, it doesn't matter what are you doing, it's nice to have positive people around you...I love honesty...I want coach to tell me what i'm doing wrong, where did i made a mistake...that's only way i can improve...In the past, i've always had coaches who were telling me what i wanted to hear...And that wasn't the truth. It's nice to hear - everything is fine, but i know - it's far away from the truth...and then we have a problem.

Q: Your goals for next year?

A: I set my goals and i talked to Nigel...There was a time when my goals were unrealistic...i wanted everything and i want that to happen right was too much, too soon...I could't achieve these goals and i was disappointed...Now i've set myself more realistic goals, something i can achieve. I want to get back to the top 10 and that goal is close, realistic. That's the first step. It's possible, i feel good and i'll give my all to make it happen.If i don't get backinto top 10 in 2013 - there is always next year...

Q: You are still young...

A: People forget that. They treat me as i am a veteran...They say: "You are on Tour for're done. You gonna retire soon"...But i'm still young, i have many more years in front of me and many chances of achieving career success.

Q: You are one of the most beautiful athletes in the world. Are you aware of that?

A: I'm flattered. Every woman loves to receive compliments, but i really don't see myself that way...My perception of me is totally different from everyone's else's perception...I have to thank my family and friends for that. They never let me change my behaviour, my attitude, to "fly away"...They want me to stay with both feet on the ground.

Q: Was it easy for you to "fly away"?

A: So easy...The world we live in, situations when i can meet famous, rich, influential people,- it's so easy to lose touch with reality...We travel a lot, and i don't know what ordinary people are going through ,how they fight to survive, to feed their children...It's so easy to lose touch with reality...I believe that we, athletes, have to stay "normal"...There lies the pathway to greatness.

Q: Can Nigel help you? Does he understands what going through your mind during the match?

A: Good communications between us is necessary...That way we can understand each other. I've worked with many different coaches. I work with Nigel for a year and a half...We get along very well, he understands me. His daughter is my age so that makes things easier...We(girls) are more emotional than men, i take every critics too seriously. Nigel knows i can get crazy from time to time and that i want to be left alone. So ,sometimes he says nothing to me...he just let me play instictively, the way i want to play. We've found a good balance and we get along very well...
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