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Re: How are the European protests/strikes going?

Originally Posted by azdaja View Post
people in europe don't get much for free. what we do have is a safety net, meaning that if someone fails to earn enough, loses a job, has an accident which disables them for life and such they will still get support from the state and that their children will be able to get enough education to have an equal chance to succeed as most others (the rich will always be in a better position, though). that is definitely not under threat anywhere in europe and i don't see how it could be. people in greece and other countries are up in arms for losing far less than that.
Which is why I put "free" in quotation marks. Nothing that man creates is "free". As for being up in arms that reinforces my point. Rioting and protesting doesn't create money where there is none. And it takes money to provide a safety net. They need to figure out how to get their economies going so that they generate the necessary funds to provide the things that people want.

Otherwise they'll have to print money and that leads to a worthless currency that nobody trusts or wants thereby making the problems even worse.

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