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Re: ~Ana's articles~

OK...part I, about love life...

Q: Tennis isn't everything in life, right? There is a private life too...

Ana: There comes a time in every person's life when she has to sort out her priorities. I realized that tennis and carrer aren't everything in my life. Tennis has given me everything in my life, i was lucky to do what i love to do, to travel ,meet interesting people,but...

Q: You have had a serious relationship. Was it hard for you to keep love alive in that relationship? To stay in a relationship? What did you expect from that relationship and your partner, and you didn't receive from him?

Ana: It is easy to have a bf and a relationship if both partners wants the same thing... If there is a mutual desire and will from both partners to stay in that relationship... Especially if there is a trust and every relationship should be based on trust and understanding...It takes time to know your partner very well, to start to trust him, and then, after that..Yes, we had difficult moments, it's not easy to be separated but if there is a will and desire from both parts - there is no obstacle that can not be removed.

Q : Every girl has a vision of her future husband, how her Prince Charming should look like. How do you want your Prince Charmong personality to be like, so that you can be happy, peaceful and content?

Ana: I think that we(girls) have been watching too many romantic movies...It can hurt our love life. We all have an idea what MR.Perfect should look like(or future husband), but...In reality a good man is hard to find... At least i have such experience with men. I'm still young and i hope i'll meet the perfect guy...But, the most important thing is that we understand each other...He has to be smart, interesting, able to talk to me about anything and to support me...And i should support him too. If he's tall and handsome - even better.

Q : Imagine a guy that you trust and you have to tell him : "I'll fly to New York on Monday, i'll be there til Wednesday and than i'll travel to South America. I love you so much, but we wont see each other for 2 and a half months"...Do you really believe there is a man who will wait for you? Who can understand you?

Ana: That's why i said - it is hard to have what you want in real life...But if you trust your partner and he trusts you - everything can be settled. I will play tennis for couple of more years, it's not like i'm going to travel and play tennis forever...I am aware it is not easy to find and keep a man who will understand me. That's why i'm single.
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