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Re: One Direction Fangirling

My assessment of their voices:

Liam - the most consistent singer of the group and the one you can count on to deliver every time although he can sound a bit flat live. Liam's voice has versatility but he doesn't have the range that Zayn has. As far as improvements, I think this is his full potential and I don't think he'll get better than this. Unfortunately, his voice can sometimes be overshadowed by Harry or Zayn because it's not as explosive or stands out.

Harry - I love Harry and I think he's super adorable but he's by far the most overrated member when it comes to singing. His voice is the least improved from the X factor days a couple years back. If anything, he sounds worse now than he did before. He has the rocker type voice that all the girls love but he's very limited in his ability. He also sounds the worst live and you'll realized there's a lot of studio editing behind the song once you hear him live because he really struggles to hit a note barely outside of his average range.

Zayn - wow, what a surprise. I must say, when he was on X factor a couple of years ago, he was practically the most useless singer of the group. They don't call him the "human echo" for no reason. I really thought to myself, what the hell did Simmon Cowell see in this guy that allowed him the chance to be in this boy band. He's the most shy of the group and I think that he had trouble expressing his vocal potential due to that fact. A couple years later, he's the most improved singer of the group. He went from a one liner to now practically a "lead" singer in their latest album. If you noticed, he's the one singing all the high notes because the other guys can't sing them, the boys even admitted that Zayn sings the hardest parts of the song and it's difficult filling in for him when he's not there. Zayn has versatility and range, but at the same time he can be inconsistent especially live which leaves him even more room for improvement. I guess Simmon really saw potential in him, he even said recently that out of all the members, Zayn surprised him the most and he sees the most improvement and potential in.

Niall - I'll give him credit for playing the guitar, otherwise, he has a very mediocre voice.

Louis - awful and tone deaf, he's even worse live. I have no idea how he's in this band.

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