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Re: Which Group Will End Up With More Success?

Originally Posted by saint2 View Post
A has already more success than B will ever achieve ...
You sure? Although everyone will think I am crazy, I have to say my bets between Azarenka's and Kvitova's overall carreer success are going in Kvitova's favour. By the end of her career I excpect from Kvitova to win at least 4 or 5 Grand slams, and I don't think Azarenka will do it. In fact, I think Azarenka will not be so powerfull ever again, like she was in 2012, but will probably win one or two GS in next couple of years. Wozniacki will probably have more success than Radwanska in a years to come, but Kerber will do much more than Errani, who is, in my opinion one and a half season girl. So... Group B.
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