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Re: How are the European protests/strikes going?

Originally Posted by HippityHop View Post
The part of the post that said there will always be a "roof over my head, food and education". From what I'm seeing on the news, Greece in particular, is having trouble providing these things to its citizens. Now if my information is incorrect, please enlighten me.

Governments get their money from people who pay taxes. If not enough people are paying taxes to support all the "free" stuff, that "free" stuff goes away. I guess the government could always print money. But then the money has no value and the country is still up the creek.
One of the biggest problems in Greece is tax evasion. There were entire islands where tourism flourished and where tax evasion ruled. If one of the "tenants" of socialism would be " Comit as much tax evasion as possible" then I would agree with the morons who ramble on and on how " socialism failed".
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