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Re: Would you rather have the best backhand or best forehand in the women's game?

Originally Posted by bobito View Post
I've seen plenty of players run around their backhand and hit a forhand winner. I only recall seeing one run around her forehand and belt a backhand winner and that was Justine up a set and two breaks on clay and in the mood to show off.
Exactly. It's very difficult to run around the backhand the same way as the forehand. The forehand is a more dynamic and linear shot with a naturally bigger strike zone, and one that you can skip around and make a lot of adjustments with even as you are preparing your stroke. On the other hand the backhand requires more stability, and in particular, the double handed backhand is more of a rotational shot and so requires the feet to be set for optimal hitting. As for the one handed backhand, because the stroke requires a large relaxed swing with a lot of room, and the nature of the inside-out stroke is that the ball comes into your body and tends to jam it a little, this makes the already difficult timing even more difficult. It's not surprising that the 1HBH on-the-run out wide is the easiest 1HBH shot for most people to execute, from pros to amateurs.

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