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Re: Peak Kournikova v. Peak Vaidisova?

Originally Posted by donniedarkofan View Post
Overpower? Kournikova? She was hitting the ball pretty strong herself, she definitely wasn't a big hitter, but you obviously didn't watch Kournikova during her best years. It wasn't that easy to overpower her - that's why she was comfortable playing Capriati (she basically owned her), that's why she had wins over Davenport, Seles, that's why she took Venus to three sets few times and Serena in their only meeting (although we can agree that both Serena and Venus are completely another league). Kournikova had troubles with all around players, with good footwork and passing shots, also with players that played with top spin. Vaidisova would be just like Capriati. Anna would take her out in two straight sets.
Your Capriati reference is laughable considering this is a peak thread. Kournikova never played or beat a beat Capriati. Their last ever match was 2000. Capriati of 2001-2003 probably would have owned Anna's ass, even had Anna mantained form, but we will never know for certain. The last sighting of peak Anna though was playing a great match and still losing 6-4, 6-2 to an out of sorts Davenport at the Australian Open, the same Davenport who would go on to lose to Capriati in similar easy straight sets the very next round. Capriati from her comeback start of 1996 to the end of 2000 was mired in her career slump, never held a top 10 ranking, and wasnt any good, or even as good as "peak" Vaidisova. Anyway while peak Capriati whom Anna never once played is obviously a better player than peak Vaidisova, Vaidisova no doubt whatsoever hit the ball harder than even peak Capriati, so even in that sense a poor reference to how Nicole would be a good matchup for Anna.

Your Williams reference is even more laughable. She never beat either once ever, yet they are an example of her handling power since she occasionaly won a set. What a joke. Atleast Nicole has actually beaten Venus in a slam, not peak Venus, but most of Anna's peak wasnt facing peak Williams either.

Seles owned Kournikova as well, only losing to her once. This post stabbing, very fat, and non champion level Seles.

The only power player Anna did respectably against in their primes was Davenport but when they played when it mattered Davenport won easily even when Anna played her very best tennis (eg- their 2 Australian Open matches where Anna played great and still got spanked). All the indicators I see is Anna did not like to play huge power players, which Nicole despite not being at the level of these players overall definitely is in the power stakes. Pierce owned her as well.

Not that I think Nicole is some amazing player but this insane overrating of a clown who couldnt even win a tournament is so funny. What the heck was peak Kournikova, the one who lost to Smashanova in a couple of the tournament finals she made (reminder again Anna = ZERO tournament titles), and made only TWO slam quarterfinals. Obviously alot of men on this forum drooling over Anna's "beauty".

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