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Re: Why has Tennis been a White dominated Sport?

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I don't think that's entirely true. Virtually everyone considers Serena an all time great, and a tier one all time great at that, on par with Court, Evert, Navratilova, Graf and the rest of them. Sharapova gets a lot of praise as well (and what's wrong with that?), but I never heard a commentator say that she's as great, let alone greater than Serena. Maria may be as POPULAR as Serena, but she would also be this popular if there was no Serena or if Serena was white. You can't stop (or blame) people for loving who they love. Kournikova was also the most popular player when she was around, even though she didn't achieve nearly as much as Hingis, Davenport and some of her other very white contemporaries (or Sharapova for that matter).
The regular crowd loving who they wanna love is fine..but the love was INSTALLED by the media. Ever since '04..they were just waiting for their token 'white blue eyed blond'-player to come and stop the Williams.

Of course that never really happened, but it isn't til now that media have accepted that Serena IS and ALWAYS was the better player. Maria was media-darling from day uno...Serena and Venus had ALWAYS to fight to get a lil bit of respect and even then it has come only reluctantly.

For instance..the yec final was deemed: power vs grace. All I've to say.

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