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Re: Peak Venus VS Peak Maria

Originally Posted by NashaMasha View Post
read it once again

now pls read more carefully or buy glasses
My apologies, I thought you were saying except on grass where it would be 50/50. You are one to talk though, the way you phrased it could easily be interpreted many ways yet you are the one who interpreted my saying Austin was a shadow of her old self AFTER 1981 as meaning Austin wasnt any good anymore in 1981 itself (rather than after 1981 as I explicably said) and even sent me a bad rep whining about how I could say Austin wasnt that good in 1981.

as for 2003 AO ,on her road to the final was only Henin who was slamless that time and definitely far from her peak
Henin's 2nd best year ever was 2003. You epic fail here. Watch that 2003 Australian Open semifinal btw. It was a tremendous match. Henin played first rate tennis, a hell of alot better than she did in her 2006 U.S Open and 2008 Australian Open defeats to Maria which were both average at best for her standards, and Venus was just better.
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