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Re: Who are the least classiest players on tour?

Originally Posted by Sweety Darling View Post
That's not what Serena meant when saying it. Stop defending her bullying behaviour please. You're also a moron for saying that to your opponent. Pathetic.
If you come to the net, you should be aware that there is a possibility that the ball will be coming right at you.

If you come to the net, I will direct my shot at you. Don't come to the net if you can't handle it.

Also, where in my post did I say that I said that TO an opponent?! I'll wait.

Finally, you're displaying how moronic YOU are. Please, explain to me what Serena meant.

Originally Posted by .Ivan. View Post
I am THE original asshole! You mad??

Originally Posted by MrProdigy555 View Post
Don't make me come to T&T to huff and puff and blow your hut down, girl.
Fuck y'all

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