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Re: Peak Serena vs Peak Maria Sharapova

Originally Posted by bandabou View Post
Peak Pierce vs Peak Serena which was an ACTUAL throll-thread is still open, so why you guys so pressed about this one?!
I dont agree that was likely another troll thread. Peak Pierce seems to be an urban legend of sorts here, and many people, including the person who started the thread, probably actually believes peak Pierce is that great. How that conclusion is arrived about is beyond me, but that is aside the point.

In fairness to peak Pierce she surfaced only about 3 matches her whole career, so it leaves it free for her fans to come up with whatever random fantasy they wish with little evidence to prove for or against beyond refute. Kind of like discussions about peak Safin, who gives a shit when it hardly ever existed, but it still wont stop his deluded stans for going overboard and saying all they will. Like with Pierce those once every 4 year moments when peak Pierce/peak Safin emerged has to be the very very best match of said legends career they destroy or beat too, in order to prove the point they wish they delude themselves of, lol!

This is totally different as peak Maria often plays and has proven to be irrelevant to even average Serena after the early fireworks of the rivalry in 2004-early 2005.
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