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Re: Strengths and Weaknesses of Top 10

Originally Posted by BuTtErFrEnA View Post
if serena always let bad misses get to her she'd never win 15 slams she's won playing like utter crap and lost playing like utter crap...all top players get there because they have the ability to shove bad misses to the back burner and make that winning shot when it counts

one thing i've heard commentators and her past rivals say about her is her ability to MAKE the same shots she was missing all match long...serena vents her frustration (nothing new) more while martha seems more like "ice queen", but that outward appearance clearly doesn't show the mental strain going on inside
Exactly...Serena can be missing forehands ALL match, but when it's crunch time..she just buckle downs.
Clearly illustrated in this year's u.s. open final.

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