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Re: What is the "peak" of every player?

Originally Posted by fedhingis67 View Post
Peak Venus' matches being against Radwanska and Safina who's useless on grass

Some nominees:

2005 Wimbledon v. Sharapova
2001 USO v. Capriati
Not a match but her beating Henin, Capriati and Davenport in like 2 days in New Haven 2001 (IIRC)
2008 Wimbledon v. Serena

Not all peak matches need to result in beatdowns where you only lose a maximum of 3 games.
Venus hit 16 winners and 1 unforced error in that 6-1 6-0 win over Safina. I think it deserves a mention. Peak isn't necessarily how many glorious and spectacular winners you hit either, it's about if you can do it without missing, and 1 unforced error says a lot.

If you look at the OP there are several matches where the winner dropped more than "3 games". And I'm still getting around to adding some of the other matches which people have mentioned, including those of Venus.

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