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Re: Who are the least classiest players on tour?

Class has so many levels. Part of it is about playing fair. Part of it is giving your opponents credit at the end of the match. Part of it is treating the umpires, ball kids, and linespeople with respect. Part of it is giving it your best for the fans who paid their money to watch star athletes.

I've always been taught that at the end of a match or competition, you look your opponent in the eye and say, 'Good match'. You don't have to be kissing and hugging everyone, but a civil 'good match' is quite sufficient.

I don't really have an exact opinion on who is classy, but I know of a few instances that I consider 'unclassy'. Obviously 'the hand' was an unclassy moment, as was the 2006 Australian Open F when it seemed like Justine quit and got injured out of nowhere and robbed Mauresmo of her 'moment'. The Sharapova/Serena YEC F in 2004 - when Maria won the match against a clearly injured opponent and starts yelling and screaming and hugging her dad as if Serena was fit and the match was beyond tough at the end (which it wasn't).

I don't consider the 2004 US Open QF unclassy, at all. Serena was robbed of many points in the deciding set, and rightfully so. I do, however, think she doesn't give credit to her opponents enough, even when credit is due. Serena and her fans seem to think that Serena always plays at 10% when she loses, when there are some matches where she has just had to say 'too good' and that be that.

Sharapova gives credit to her opponents, as does Kim. So, I enjoy both of them for that. Venus is a God in the sport.

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