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Re: Who are the least classiest players on tour?

Originally Posted by Dominic View Post
Hmm Maria and even Vika can't even compare to Serena here though. In fact I'm not quite sure what you are refering to about Maria here.
Ok we know you are still mourning, we understand. So what Serena did at the 2004 US Open wasn't classy. And remember when she lost to Clijsters US Open 2009 after the point penalty she even said that no one should take the win away from Kim as she is not at fault. At the US Open 2011 she even said that Stosur played really well and didn't take anything away from her. And how she held her composure after Stosur cheated her at Sydney when it was a let cord and Stosur knew it and didn't admit it. And at Indian Wells being booed why you are playing and remain classy. And if her opponent makes a good shot she applauds them.

Originally Posted by Dominic View Post
Oh sorry I thought her crazy psycho outbursts at the USO were in 09 and 11, my mistake!

And BTW yes loads of players have been robbed points and never reacted like that.
Nope, no one was ever robbed like her in the US Open 2004. No umpire will overrule a ball that is inside the line and was called-in at the farthest line from the umpire. I mean no umpire, well maybe Alves on Serena.

Originally Posted by Dominic View Post
Yes players have been robbed on big stages before (and that's irrelevant cause a stage you would consider smaller can be just as important to a less successful player)

And like I said that's totally irrelevant, what happened in 2004 (and the umpire then) had nothing to do with 09 and 11 and the ppl that were involved then.
It is totally relevant for Serena as much us Indian Wells is relevant until today, Where Indian Wells is trying everything just to get them back except accepting it was their fault everything happened the way it did.

Originally Posted by Dominic View Post
like those two incidents are not more than enough to classify her as the most classless player.
But she has had a billion classless moments or comments, not just those 2 anyway
Name them please...
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