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Re: Peak Henin vs peak Venus

Originally Posted by Queen_Vee_92 View Post
Venus on fast hard courts and and certainly grass.

Henin on slow hard courts and certainly clay.

No debate really neeeded for clay and grass, as they are the 2 exceptional players on their surface this generation.

fast hard courts suit Venus' game perfectly and she was practically unstoppable there in her peak years bar Serena in PeakRena form. In 07, Venus played an exceptional match against Justine whilst appearing drained, and made it tight in what i consider to be the best overall match Justine played on a hardcourt against a top player, so i think on a US open like court 00/01 Venus beats 07 Henin with pure aggression.

slow hard courts we never really got this between them. The Aus Open 03 match was peak Venus on rebound ace, again probably her best match on the surface in her career, and Justine was a little short of the grand slam winning mental giant phase. In all likelihood Justine would've bested her more peak for peak on this kind of surface where she could frustrate Venus more and no doubt Venus' technique would've come to let her down as it has so often on a slow ass HC.

the most even question of who is better really. Both are tied for slams, both have opposite games that favour different scenarios and courts. Would absolutely have loved to see peak these two face on a hard court would be such a battle. The only thing that leans me more to Vee as a better peak player than Henin is the eras. Justine's dominance was in a weaker time than Venus' where there were 3 or 4 absolutely class players playing brilliant tennis.
Serena > Venus on grass. Other than that, solid post.
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