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Re: Peak Wozniacki v. Peak Zvonereva

Originally Posted by moby View Post
Vera has difficulties when brought out wide, especially by quick DTLs from her opponent that invariably result in a short ball or floater from her opponent. Partly because she's not particularly fast (also because I think her movement outwide is not very efficient), and also because of her extremely long groundstroke swings. She is not good at neutralising the point from that position.

I think Peak LaBorz hits her backhand DTL with conviction and that will be the best and biggest stroke from either party in a match. Wozniacka has capabilities for a more dynamic game than Vera, IMO, is certainly a better defender (especially against Vera's mid-level power), and also creates more changes with spin, pace and height of the ball in a rally.

Not that much bigger. I think Wozniacki can hit the ball bigger and heavier.
I agree that Woz is a better defensive player than Vera (Zvonareva's movement is VERY overrated on TF - people seem to just assume she's quick just because she's athletic and can do the splits), but "really?" to the bits in bold? Peak Vera's backhand craps all over Woz's, and let's not even go into comparing their forehands. I also really don't agree that Woz changes the pace of the game more -- Zvonareva was actually very good at intelligently constructing points, it's just she didn't get the chance to put those tactical skills to use against the elite who took the game out of her hands.

With that said, I do kinda think that Woz was slightly closer to winning a Slam than Vera was -- even though Vera was the stronger all-around player, Woz atleast was outstanding in one area of the game (defence) even though she was woeful in other areas, whereas Vera was solid in most areas of the game but outstanding in none.
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