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Cool Re: Petra Kvitova News and Articles

Originally Posted by Petronius View Post
Please keep it classy, guys. Thanks.

And no, I'm not affiliated to Mr. Černošek in any way, but the guy is running a leading European tennis academy and a world-class talent like Petra is the product of this academy. He has full right to look after his product and protect his investment. Of course, as times goes by, Petra will have more and more say on every detail of her career, whether on- or off-court. Be patient.

They have built the academy from scratch. Before he took over as the CEO, most of the best Czech players came from the Prague area (Navratilova, Mandlikova, Korda, Sukova). Since 1990s, the Černošek-run facility has been the undisputed leader in the country.

Once again, please don't drag the level of this subforum to the level of some GM threads.

I think you know I always respect your opinions Petronius.

In this case I was only making light of the fact that Mr. Cernosek might be screwing himself in the end (no pun intended) because of his insecurities regarding Petra. With Hingis he didn't do enough and lost her. With Petra, it might turn out to be the opposite extreme. He needs to find a balance that shows he sincerely cares about her and her future and not just about filling his pockets and pleasing his corporate and political buddies at her expense. By doing this, he could actually maximize his investment.

If he fails to do this, he will live up to my example. Time will tell.

BTW: I hate to hear or read about Petra described as anybody's 'product'. It's a disgusting description for obvious reasons.
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