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Re: Peak Wozniacki v. Peak Zvonereva

Originally Posted by homogenius View Post
Peak Vera had more or less her nerves under control (in comparison to Regular vera)and that changed a lot of things cause she was able to exploit all of her qualities.
Also, I fail to see how Woz's game was particularly new and how she had more potential.Mentally she is miles ahead but game wise she's firmly behind Vera imo.
Vera has difficulties when brought out wide, especially by quick DTLs from her opponent that invariably result in a short ball or floater from her opponent. Partly because she's not particularly fast (also because I think her movement outwide is not very efficient), and also because of her extremely long groundstroke swings. She is not good at neutralising the point from that position.

I think Peak LaBorz hits her backhand DTL with conviction and that will be the best and biggest stroke from either party in a match. Wozniacka has capabilities for a more dynamic game than Vera, IMO, is certainly a better defender (especially against Vera's mid-level power), and also creates more changes with spin, pace and height of the ball in a rally.

Originally Posted by Griffin. View Post
I think Vera very clearly hits the ball bigger and has more variety. The other two are more up for debate IMO.
Not that much bigger. I think Wozniacki can hit the ball bigger and heavier.

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