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Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

Originally Posted by Dementinator View Post
Well sometime ago I related the sad news that my Elena Dementieva mug had broken, however, I looked at the huge crack down the side and wondered if I could still use it, well, months later and its still going!! it doesnt leak and its in daily use!!

Aint that JUST like Lena, always broken but got the job done anyways!!!!
It is a Lena miracle. How could you have doubted it?

Originally Posted by iva_ds87 View Post
Surprised to see you know where I live
Well, I was against Bulgaria getting the ToC, way too much money that could have been used for more important stuff. And I'm not sure you can change the venue, you were approved to host with a certain hall. It'll be nice if this happens, considering I live literally 3 minutes on foot from the hall. If anyone decides to come, I'll show you around
But I'm more excited about the possibility that this same still unfinished hall might host the European Men's volleyball championship in 2015, that'll be heaven on earth, even though latest rumours say Bulgaria is falling behind with the support...
Your hometown is proudly listed right under your avi!

I hope you get the volleyball championship.

Pass the duct tape and super glue. Lena's done broke my heart one last time.
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