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Re: Woman in Ireland dies of septicaemia after being denied an abortion

Originally Posted by Keegan View Post
I swear I've read before that abortion is illegal in Ireland unless the pregnancy poses a risk to the health of the mother, which this evidently did. The doctors were 100% in the wrong here, and now they've lost two jobs. I hope whoever was involved is blacklisted as this is a massive and controversial problem.
I assume you mean lives?

As skeptical as I am about the involvement of the doctors, they were obeying/upholding the law. The blame lies completely with all of the governments that have been in power since 1992 and they failure to uphold the will of the people and legislative for life-saving terminations. Savita would have likely been saved had the the will of the people been heard and respected or if the public had forced the issue. We're too complacent and apathetic here. The rest of Europe riots over austerity measures, we have a quite protest and then just grumble about it afterwards. Our government don't fear us, as they should. We are to blame as much as they are.

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