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Re: Woman in Ireland dies of septicaemia after being denied an abortion

It was good to see the protest in Dublin on the news tonight though. It seemed like a good turnout on such short notice. There's another protest scheduled for Saturday. I might go.

It seems that I was not alone in thinking that clearer provisions were not in place for doctors. It seems like they really have to wait until the danger is imminent before they can act. I'm kind of in shock that abortions are restricted to such a high level. It's so tragic. She was so young and the last few days of her life must have been filled with so much pain and anguish. Why should a woman have to go through such physical and emotional pain if the foetus is completely unviable?

I heard that her parents had just returned to India the day before she was taken to hospital but had left clothes behind in Savita's home in Galway for their intended return in March to see their grandchild. Now they've lost both their child and their grandchild. Praveen very nobly said that there was no use in being angry. He didn't seem to blame the doctors/consultants but said he wished for no one else to have to go through this! The Diwali festival in Galway has been cancelled in memory of Savita. Apparently, she played a big part in organising the festival.

The Catholic country comment irks me a lot. Was that supposed to be a reason or were staff just explaining why our laws are so f*ed up!? Either way, it's not really an accurate statement anymore and it's time our laws reflected that and safeguarded mothers' lives!

RIP Savita! I hope your death is not completely in vain and brings about some positive change in this country. You won't be forgotten

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