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Re: Your Top 5 Youngsters to Watch in 2013

Originally Posted by jj74 View Post
And by the way, i don't think the term hype is really useful to any of the players we are talking about. All this players are hyped because they have good results, one can think that some of them don't have enough game to break into the top 100, but they are not Alexus Jones or even worse Jan Kristian Silva, who were hyped based on nothing.
Silva was the future of american male tennis, and with 11 years he is completely miss on action, and he is not the only case.
I remember hearing about that guy when he was like 4/5 years old So did nothing really happen to him? He was coached by Patrick Mouratoglou so I wonder if he's still there. Here's his video from many years ago

I completely forgot about him but as soon as you mentioned his name I knew exactly who you were talking about. It seems he's the male case of Monique Viele...You can't help but feel sorry for these kids

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