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Re: Your Top 5 Youngsters to Watch in 2013

Originally Posted by Asadinator View Post
Alison van Uytvanck and Anna Karolina Schmiedlova

Are you just saying that because they are 18? And you don't trust Vekic and Barty because they are 16? Even though they are much better players, if they met they would thrash those 2 for sure... obviously don't have a clue. At the very least try to comprehend what I am saying, and criticise me for that, not for the delusional stuff you have convinced yourself that I said which I have not.

Barty has yet to beat a top 100 player. And in the few instances she has played one she has been outclassed. Mostly very outclassed. Van Uytvanck has played several top 100 players, beaten a number of them and proven she can be competitive at that level already. Barty is yet to do so. Her successful ITF results are almost entirely based on Australian 25ks. Additionally I do not say I don't believe she will be successful. Quite the reverse. I believe she will have a fine career. What I do say is that she is not yet ready to compete at top 100 level right now. And I stand by that.

Take a look at the results of Van Uytvanck and Barty. Maybe it will give you a degree of clarity you are obviously missing right now. If Alison played Ashleigh tomorrow she would kick her ass. That has nothing to do with who will be the better player in the future. That is something that has yet to be decided and neither of us know how either of their careers will pan out. But right now Alison is far more ready to compete at WTA level than is Ashleigh.

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