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Re: Your Top 5 Youngsters to Watch in 2013

Originally Posted by jj74 View Post
Well, the thread is the youngsters to watch next year, not who is going to have a better future in tennis.

I really like Barty, but i don't think next year will be her year. She is small, and she probably will need some time to cause trouble to top players.

We have examples, and Michelle is very obvious, that having good results very soon, doesn't mean anything at all. Michelle has impressive results at a very young age and right now a lot of players her age are doing better.

I'm pretty sure that there are a good bunch of players flying under the radar who will make an impact. In fact we can see that with Kontaveitt or Vekic. They were good but they were not the top players of their age when they were 14.

And by the way, i don't think the term hype is really useful to any of the players we are talking about. All this players are hyped because they have good results, one can think that some of them don't have enough game to break into the top 100, but they are not Alexus Jones or even worse Jan Kristian Silva, who were hyped based on nothing.
Silva was the future of american male tennis, and with 11 years he is completely miss on action, and he is not the only case.
This is a tennis forum so it's normal that a young girl with impressive results on juniors or itfs will be mentioned. It's not the same that a 6 year old being hyped on the press
I know that, so like I said those predictions were based on age alone. Otherwise there is no way you can predict those 2 players will perform better next year, I mean they are better now. So random.

You are half right with Barty, she was not ready this year to win at WTA level. But at ITF level this year she has won pretty much everything she has played, played only seniors and has had the taste of every GS. There is nothing left to prove or learn. If she isn't ready now then she never will be ready.

Kontaveit was well known when she was young (hello chingching ), but she has stalled in 2012.

Yes Vekic has had poor results in juniors and come out of nowhere in late-2011/2012. But she isn't a player like Bouchard who is much older and started being good at only 18, Vekic is still 16 so this is not the same case as you are saying. These girls like Alison van Uytvanck and Anna Karolina Schmiedlova aren't suddenly gonna become world beaters

Michelle is a worst case scenario, it doesn't mean Vekic will take the same route as her.

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