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Re: Who is the classiest player on court?

Originally Posted by mauresmofan View Post
Now come on Li Na is quite rude and obnoxious to the ball boys and girls with her, for use of a better description, "aggressive gesturing" for the towel - that is classless regardless of who you are. It is not their job to be the players personal slaves and I wish some tournament organiser would put a stop to the nonsense by saying get your own towel if you want it. If players like Graf and Sampras were able to quickly run to their chair (and only in the middle of a very long game might I add) and get their own towel themselves then I don't see why these current prima donnas can't do the same. I saw Murray during the week just blatently ignore a ballboy running along side him with his towel outstretched for a good ten seconds before he took it and not even a simple thanks muttered.
I don't see any aggressive gesture by her when asking for the towel, tbh. many players ask for the towel, not only her. I'd say, everyone. if asking for the towel is seen as a lack of respect or something like this, well, let the players take it by themselves.

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