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Re: Who is the classiest player on court?

Originally Posted by Roookie View Post
Venus? LOL. Did anyone see her celebration at Wimbly 05 jumping in Lindsay's nose?. People consider that classy?.

Plus she always gives that extremely fake smile at hand-shakes and its always giving excuses after her losses. Not to mention becoming more delusional year after year and her tacky as hell outfits.

When you compare her to Serena she is Mother Teresa but definitely not one of the classiest on tour.

Of the names mentioned I can only agree with Stosur.
LOL. This is one of the most hate-filled posts I've ever seen.

1) Excuse Venus for being happy at her victory of Wimbledon 05. What with the four year wait, saving match point en route and proving the lame detractors wrong (one of which, no doubt, will have been you) - I guess she should have just gone straight to her seat and celebrated by putting a towel over her head.

2) Her smiles and handshakes are only 'fake' because you want them to be. I guess a player being polite at net, rather than slapping her opponents hand with little more than a glance in her direction, is just impossible.

3) She used to give excuses for her losses in the past. If you'd actually read her post-match interviews from the past 5 years or so, she goes out of her way to not make excuses.

4) 'Delusional' and 'tacky outfits'. What does that have to do with being classy on court? Any argument that you had for Venus not being classy is completely rubbished here. For whatever reason, you're really bitter.

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