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Re: Which would you rather have? Career Slam or 5 titles of the same slam?

Originally Posted by NashaMasha View Post
there are no players who won 5 titles of the same Slam and nothing more..... the closest one is Kuerten who with his 3 RG is inferiour to Capriati and Davenport in terms of achievements (to my mind)

players with great achievements just on one venue as usual have very weak W/L % , might have been considered as mugs outside their best surface.... It diminishes their achievements

for instance
players with CGS or at least 3 Slams on diff surfaces
Agassi 76%
Vilas 76.5%
Becker 77%
Edberg 75%
Wilander 72%
Capriati 71%
Hingis 80,5
Sharapova 80,4%
Davenport 79,5

and Kuerten with his just 64,7%..... it's less than Hewitt's , Rafter's, Kafelnikov's and other 2 Slam winners ratio. I rate Gustavo as a member of this group of player , not in the group of Ashe, Vilas , Courier
Molla Mallory won 8 US Opens (more than any other player) and was a runner up at the French and Wimbledon. So she was better than 5-0 at one slam only, albeit before the Open Era.

Anyway, for some reason I'd rather win 5. No real clear reason. Though like Mary Cherry I would yell "This is my house." Actually, I'd yell "This is my house, y'all" because I'm from Texas.

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