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Re: ~ The Figure Skating Season 2012-2013~

Patrick Chan Overscore lives. Who cares if he doubled his axel, loop, and salchow... He is THAT much better than everyone else. You don't believe me? Cause the commentators will tell you. Constantly. Clearly Javier beating him at Skate Canada was an anomaly; I'm still shocked that was ever allowed to actually happen. Russian men's is looking more dire by the day.

The ladies. Gutted messes. I'm not the biggest Korpi fan but she did enough.. hit the 3t3t, 3z, 3f. It was a good skate. Gold medal worthy in this field. Gracie Gold gave it away but she seemed please with silver, so good for her. I really like her basic jump technique so now she just needs to work on her presentation. I'm still a bit verklepmt why she was still skating junior at 16 but hopefully her coaches know what they're doing. Agnes was a hot cautious mess but she landed most of it. Good for her. Murakami has the same technique issues. And my Russian girlies really dropped the ball in front of their home crowd. I had such high hopes for Adelina, but the puberty monster has taken its toll. I hope she can recover in time for Sochi with much better programs for the Olympic year. And I've always had a soft spot for Leonova, but she needs to prove that last season wasn't a fluke.

Pairs and dance were ignored agen so can't comment on them.


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