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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by backhandsmash View Post
What is that addendum to your sig, Bruce? It is not about le War, is it?
Not exactly.The French Tennis Federation hasn't treated Marion too well over the years,largely due to petty disputes.A while ago,they felt confident about ignoring Marion cuz they had Mauresmo and,in THEIR minds,Cornet had a very bright future.....but now Amelie has retired,Alize has mostly bottomed out...and the FFT looks pretty stupid while their team serves as crash-test dummies vs. the stronger FC squads

The French are characterized as snotty and arrogant by just about all the Europeans I've met,but you CAN get under their skin if you know where to prick my sig is a little reminder of their shameful history as fellatio performers for the 3rd Reich occupation force...just to f--k with them a bit

Hang your heads in shame, Brits, for being a nation of cowards who won't even protect their own children. UKP=United Kingdom of Pedophiles

Propaganda Director for the Olympic Slam Queen aboard SS Dementieva

Ste. Kim, we didn't have you for long enough, but we appreciate what you gave us
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