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Re: 2012 National Indoors

MacFarlane vs. Sabs
MaryAnne had an entourage of fans...except none really seemed to know anything about tennis...including the very hot guy that looked to be her bf (he didn't even know how many points it was to a tiebreak). Not to mention they cheered Sabs' errors which started to pile up in the second set. "Mare" has a powerful serve and has great tenacity and in the second set, Mare was able to come back thanks to better play and Sabs just disappeared...she could not keep the ball in play for the life of her. Rich didn't even come out until I believe after she lost the second set. And then Sabs had to ask Wes (who was on the balcony for more water). In fact most times throughout this match and Lao's match I can't recall him even being on the court even though no other USC player was playing at the same time. Luckily, Sabs form started return in the third set. I heard from a more knowledgeable friend of the entourage that prior to this match MaryAnne had never taken a set of Sabs even in juniors.

Hardabeck vs. Oyen
I don't know what I was shocked at more, the result of this match or how Oyen was playing. I always thought that Oyen was more of a finese player (only saw her play once I believe), more of a slice and dice crafty player but in the first set she just overpowered Hardabeck. Oyen hit winners and dictated play. Hardabeck seemed slow and never really seem to get into rhythm. In the first set, I thought she was just asleep and going to make a comeback but that never materialized. Rance Brown commented on her serve "She's had so many lessons and it still looks like that." To which Robin (who is a sweetheart) said it looks slightly better.

Lao vs. Schutting
I'm a Cal fan at all but I have never been a big fan of Schutting. Yes she can hit the ball hard but she doesn't really go for winners/ when she does she hits about four feet from the lines. But I have to give her credit for her improved mental strength although have the time she gets into those situation because she can't close out a set. Case in point she was up 5-2 in the first set only to go to a tiebreak and then barely eek that out.

Georgia Team
They had the best camaraderie out of any team that I saw...and it didn't seem like it was just because there was a lot of them at the tournament. USC was eerily quiet/not present in the Sabs match and weren't watching the Lao match either.

Force that girl to hit an extra ball and she will hit it out.

After Hardabeck lost, she commented to Tan "Isn't it suck that we all lost on the same day" to which Tan replied meekly. For being a national tournament, I don't know if its just me but I would kind of like to see players upset or at least unhappy that they lost. Same goes with Collins.

She seems very friendly. Apparently she wants to go to Europe next summer...but not to play tennis. She thought it was incredulous that Muliwan is going to take summer courses this summer...they seem pretty close which makes sense since they are from the same area.
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