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Re: 2012 National Indoors

Originally Posted by fantic View Post
Coach Balogh hardly ever coached Lauren at WAATC final too Maybe she's preparing for the pro (At Stanford NCAA she was coached frequently)

And about the bold part, more details please
Collins vs. Boren was Error Fest 2012. Collins in particular is either amazing or she can just pile up the errors. She missed easy sitters, not to mention on more than occasion when she had an easy shot she would hit so close to the line that she actually hit it out (but that didn't stop her from celebrating...only to give a stare to the chair umpire for calling it out...I swear she was using it as a tactic to get the chair not to call it out). Collins routinely yells at herself and I don't know if this is how she normally acts but is kind of a brat on court. You could tell she knew she shouldn't have lost to Boren. She's going to need more work to be a top NCAA player. She will beat most players yes but she'll need to be more way consistent before she is a contender for the NCAA title. As for her bf(?) it looks like she and Mac Styslinger are an item. She was following him around like a puppy. I'm surprised she didn't commit to UVA.

Boren can hit the ball especially on the forehand side but is not the best mover out there.
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