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Originally Posted by fantic View Post
I dunno...I've seen Zsofi quite a lot by now. And I came to reevalutate Lauren at this WAATC. Lauren can hit flat..and when she hits's LETHAL..flatter than Zsofi, for sure. Again, I couldn't watch so dunno what happened, should check zootennis. Anybody listened to Ken Thomas of Radiotennis? Did he broadcast this match?
I watched this match. Zsofi was in control of this match from start to finish. I think the only time she slightly lost control was early in the second set when she was trying to break Embree for the second time. It really came down to Embree not having anything to hurt Zsofi and Embree's inability to keep the ball deep. Zsofi has a good ability to reset the point/ if she's in a compromising court position she is able to re-gain control. There were long rallies but all of them were won by Zsofi. Superior court positioning, deep balls, and being aggressive when she needed was the tale of the tape. She never let Embree into this match.
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