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Re: Which would you rather have? Career Slam or 5 titles of the same slam?

Originally Posted by acetoace View Post
Why is it that most idiotic threads on TF are created by desperate pova fan base? I mean why? Always something from them trying to make pova look better than she earned on the courts. Great players are respected not just for winning the big ones, but also for having the ability to defend slams. Pova has never, I mean NEVER defended any slam in almost 10yrs and they think she deserves the same respect accorded to great players like Henin, Kim and Venus?

Fluke Career Slam spanning almost a decade to accomplish & made possible by cupcake draws don't equate winning multiple slams in a season and defending same. Henin was off 2yrs from the tour and still came back to woop this phony player to shreds on clay. Of course, pova defeated SARA ERRANI to win FO

Not long ago, pova was labelled "Qeen of Grass" just b/cos she won Wimby 04 and couple of next to nothing MM grass titles in 05 just to front. Um.....FF to 2012, any reason why we no longer hear them call her "Queen of Grass" anymore? I think we all know the answer to that. Now, according to her hallucinating fans, the "fraud in pova" is now "Queen of Clay" just b/cos....... . 2013 will be here soon and we would see how their fraudulent claim holds up. As history thaught us in the past, the "Queen of Australia" joke turned out to be an epic fail as was the "Queen of USO & Hardcourt" nonsense they peddled on TF for years.
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