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Re: Biggest Romanian Choke of 2012

And people are pulling off drama in GM when Azarenka failed to serve out her US Open Final, give me a fucking break.

The list above is enough for a decade.

Losing from 4-0 and 5-0 up? 6-0 up in the TB? That isn't even choking anymore, that's completely retarded.
And if any of the Top 10 players would throw such a special, the whole board would go apeshit. Unfortunately, no one apart of me cares for such braindead individuals.

We are not talking here about losing from being a break up or failing to serve out at 5-4. I'm not a fan of drama either, but any of those mentioned above is a textbook choke ending in a massive melt-down. period. It doesn't need to be a 6-7(38) to be considred choke.

Go to youtube and watch on your own if you don't believe it.

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