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Re: 2012 National Indoors

Originally Posted by knoxt View Post
I was at the tournament this morning and saw Xi/Nauta of UVA defeat the Pepperdine team, as well as Vierra/Epstein defeat the whiny Penn doubles team. I'm excited that tomorrow we'll have an all UVA-USC for the womens dubs championships and consolation final.

The Pepperdine team was not playing badly at all. In fact they were very solid at the net and volleyed effectively to put away most winners. They were consistent, but not spectacular in terms of producing big groundstrokes. UVA on the other hand had a very slow start. Xi was mishitting her volleys and spraying balls, while the freshman Nauta made less errors. Nauta has a huge serve - her down-the-line serve really made the difference. UVA became more comfortable and they started hitting huge forehand winners down the line. Both Xi and Nauta have big groundstrokes, compared to the Pepperdine team.

Now on to Vierra/Epstein, I think experience was the major difference here. The Penn team was not very experienced and they didn't have weapons at all to hurt UVA. Vierra/Epstein were really consistent and took more chances to put away balls. Eskenazi, the Argentinean, played a lot of topspin and slices which weren't that effective indoors. Vierra put away a lot of balls at the net. There were a couple of instances were Eskenazi and Vierra bitched at each other. In one instance, Vierra contested a call and Eskenazi said to her, "I told you 500 times it was out!" On matchpoint, Eskenazi's partner, Latycheva, hit a first served that looked out and Vierra called it out. The Penn team became whiny and started arguing that the first serve was not out. The point was over after the second serve, and the Penn team did not want to shake hands. But Vierra offered to shake hands anyway, haha. I didn't know that girls could be this bitchy!!!
Thx for the info.
So, did they eventually shake hands?

Sanchez-Quintanar had a very solid season last year. Didn't lose much. She was the top Texas player. She's a grinder, a very solid one.
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