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Re: Which is Serena Williams's best season so far? 2002 or 2012?

Originally Posted by i.will2 View Post
2002 results are better because of the 3 slams but had Serena ended 2012 with the YE #1 I would say 2012 is better because of the Gold Medal and Serena is 10 years older now.

I wonder if using the same ranking system used in 2002 what the 2012 year end rankings would be. Correct me if I'm wrong, but with the bonus points for beating top ranked players used back then Serena likely could have managed a top ranking under that system.
Interesting question but I doubt it. Williams and Azarenka each won 18 matches against top 10 opposition this year so both would have stacked up a heap of quality points under the 2002 system. Also, in 2002 a player's best 17 results counted towards their ranking and there were no zero pointers. Azarenka would have therefore had points from another two tournaments on her ranking while Williams, who only played 15, would not.
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