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Re: WTA influence on Prize Money?: ATP votes down 800k Prize Money Increase at IW

Originally Posted by bobito View Post
Just to play Devil's advocate here for a moment, what exactly is the motive behind Ellison's offer to increase prize money by $800K? Is he doing it because he wants tennis players to have more money or is he trying to set Indian Wells apart from the other Masters tournaments? If, as I suspect, the latter then that raises a further question.

If you have a Masters series where one tournament is giving out more nearly twice as much in prize money as most of the other events, doesn't that undermine the integrety of the series. After all, these tournaments are supposed to be on a par with each other. They have equal ranking points and are supposed to carry the same prestige. If Indian Wells were to increase prize money by $800K, the Masters events would look like this:

Indian Wells - $5.495 million
Miami - $3.973M
Madrid - $3.940M
Shanghai - 3.531M
Rome - $3.096M
Paris - $3.096M
Monte Carlo - $3.096M
Cincinnatti - $2.825M
Rogers Cup - $2.649M

If Ellison is trying to raise Indian Wells' status above that of other Masters Series events, are the ATP really being unreasonable in stopping that from happening.
What's wrong with that?

So what if Larry Ellison wants to put IW apart in terms of money and in terms of amenities like HawkEye on every court. These are good things, not bad. It's not like Larry is demanding that the IW winners and losers get more points than other Masters events or something like that. For the sake of bureaucratic uniformity they could always name the extra prize money a "bonus" or whatever. So ATP's presented excuse doesn't pass the common-sense test, and the ATP CEO's abstention is a chicken shit coward move (he obviously is closer to IMG & co rather than the players, which is a disgrace since his organization is supposed to be a players organization).

For analogy: the Australian Open prize money is almost double the amount payed by Wimbledon, yet Wimbledon and the other slams are not destroyed by AO's move. They have stuck and kept their own prize money limits.
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