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Re: What are your favourite museums/art galleries?

Originally Posted by kwilliams View Post
Was that the only time you had been to the National Gallery in Dublin? About 70-80% of the museum has been closed off for much of the year for renovations. No great loss as the most treasured work's are still on display. I love Carravagio's "The Taking of Christ" even though I don't usually like very dark paintings. It's a bit of a shame though because part of the museum is what looks like a former ballroom and it's definitely the nicest space in the museum.

Also, did you see William John Leech's "A Convent Garden, Brittany" in the side gallery of Irish art which is also still open. You can see it here:

Still kicking myself for not visiting the Kunstorisches Museum but I went to the State Hall instead which was beautiful. Still, I'll have to go one day.
I also went almost four years ago when I went to Dublin for New Year. And I saw the museum back when it was larger and the entrance was on Merrion - is that right? It was beautiful then. And totally agree about The Taking of Christ. It's fabulous, and really the overall quality of paintings there is fantastic.

I didn't get to see the Leech, but I looked it up, and I now regret paying less attention to the Irish paintings when I did my walk through.

During my stay most recent visit, I stayed at Merrion Hotel, which has a pretty incredible collection of art, too!

The Kunst Museum in Vienna is absolutely incredible. I think that the massive Klimt they have up won't be accessible after a few more weeks (here's a photo I took of a part of it:, but the paintings they've got there are just ridiculous. Carravagio, Titian, Bruegel, Rubens (another of my favorites)...And next year that wing with the Hapsburg trinkets is going to mind-bogglingly amazing.
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