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Re: On the Concept of Irony w/ Continual Reference to Caro, the #1 Sunshine Queen

Originally Posted by backhandsmash View Post
Google translate gives me this:

Could her knees sucking sausage for four more, mandilones (although the Mormon is a silly puppet politician also)

"Blue's" Spanish is obviously elementary level,at best,so I'll help you:

'You can suck on sausage from your knees for four more years,sissy boys';you may deduce the message there,and the parenthetical part came out just fine.I'm leaving for work in a minute,so I'll make this last part fairly brief---

My fiancee was hired as a purchasing manager at a German-owned maquila here,and I know the plant well b/c I was a contractor there for a I know that the boss who hired her is a great person and that the position pays well.Unfortunately,the company has a U.S. division as well,and the pinche gringo executives have final say on many matters even here in Mexico...and they cancelled all job vacancies due to low production thanks to the horribly piss-poor American economy....conditions that were exacerbated by their pathetic assclown president who responded to the original crisis by running up a seven TRILLION dollar spending deficit in less than 4 years

Two caveats: For norteamericanos negros who have suffered so brutally for so long,I'm glad that they won a symbolic victory by having one of their own as president(though he doesn't do jack s--t to really help them unless you count creating gov. dependency as 'help').Second,I wouldn't give a damn who the president of that rotting cesspool country was but,sadly,our OWN presidents so rarely try to develop a self-sufficient economy that our financial state catches a terrible illness every time the U.S. sneezes,if you catch my intent.On a side note,the U.S. Attorney General,one of the president's top men,is a slimy lowlife whose friendships with gun manufacturers have inspired him to turn a blind eye as weapons dealers sell automatic weapons to our narcos......There IS some poetic justice,though: Due to some successful crackdowns by our soldiers and federalis,many Mexican gangs are moving across the border to the U.S. and,in the course of their malicious activity,are committing crimes against the Americans who instigated the violence in the 1st place

Btw,as the OP,I'm gonna close this thread if it turns into a political fellatio forum for that incompetent hack...and then the ignorant can spew their uninformed nonsense in some GM political thread....oh,and...have a nice day

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