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Originally Posted by I.Luv.Kvitty View Post
Thanks for this QPF.

I think if you would have gone up to her or called out her name she would have ignored you.

I mentioned in my report about Eastbourne/Wimbledon that she looked rather fed up there and was not very approachable. I was very, very lucky to get a photo of her just as she came out of the players lounge and into the open air (I knew she was there so I was waiting by the door ), but previous to that I saw her walking along the premises and I went over to her and said "Hi Petra, I'm a big fan, can I have a photo and autograph please" and she just carried on walking as if she didn't hear me, which shocked me a bit to tell you the truth. She was by herself and wasn't going to practice, she was just going to the changing room. Anyway, she didn't ignore me the 2nd time - I think she just wanted to get rid of me

So it might have been best if you left her alone. Like you said, I think she's getting fed up of being recognised or she's just exhausted. She's really not used to this - it's really only been what, 2 years that she's been in the limelight and it did come quite quickly didn't it?

BTW: Who's that hunk in the photo touching the Wimby Trophy?

It's funny you mentioned this stuff because when I saw them I was only 2-3 meters away and basically gasped out aloud "It's Petra. Petra!" but I don't think she heard me as they strolled past. At that moment she was looking up at the historic buildings on the hill and the sun was shining on her face. She looked very serene but also slightly melancholic. I now have this mental photo in my brain. It was a really interesting look and moment. Like I said, I was conflicted about how she felt and should I approach her. For a moment I thought of going ahead of them and walking straight toward them to meet them. In the end, I decided to let them be.

I really don't know if Petra would've had a problem with meeting me. Adam had his jacket hood pulled up but Petra had no hat or hood or sunglasses on and obviously wasn't trying to hide her identity. And, they were heading straight into a populated tourist zone. So, who knows. The body language told me not to. I've met her before in happier moments and that was a blessing. So, no big loss.

I'm sorry she was rude to you but celebrities can't serve everybody at all times, right? I'm glad she was nicer the second time around.

PS: I'm sure you were just joking, but thanks for the 'hunk' comment anyways. It made me laugh. That photo is from when I met Petra at the Nike store in Prague in July of 2011 and she was nice enough to let me touch the trophy. What a rare privilege. I still can't believe it happened.
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