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Re: Elena Dementieva Fans Club Vol 8

With the help of my good friend ""

here's the text:

Tennis players - as a lone wolf. Tennis - it's an individual sport, and, working on the result, you know that you do not rely on anyone. We do not need to spur and motivate, and so we used to rely only on themselves. To be successful in this sport, you need to be selfish. But this is such a good, healthy ego, when the highest goal you use everything and everyone who surrounds you. Hockey - is another matter, you play as a team. Continuously existing in the team, the man learns to communicate, to understand, to make friends, to forgive. I cannot say that the nature, formed as a result of our profession, we are fully portable to family relationships. To those people who do not see the difference between sport and life, perhaps a priori difficult to arrange a personal life. In our family there is no selfishness, there is no competition with each other, and have a good sense of humor and understanding. And now all the joint effort is to ensure that once again played Maxim (Maxim Afinogenov is currently recovering from injury.. - Ed.).
We had the chance to meet Maxim in 1999, but I was flatly refused. I know very well the world of sports, and I understand that an athlete who has achieved good results, it is, of course, the person, but on the other hand, it is always a difficult history of the development and, as a rule, very complicated. To say that the athletes - people easy and pleasant to talk to, I, from my experience, I could not. So familiar, much less start kakieto relationship with the athletes I had absolutely no desire. Also in 1999, Maxim is unlikely I would be interested. At the time, he, like many young men of his age, was looking for, he wanted to taste all the pleasures of life. It is unlikely that we would have found a common topic of conversation.
The whole tournament Maxim TRIED to meet me, ask for my PHONE. But I said "NO"
In 2004, Maxim arrived in Paris on the "Roland Garros." He went the whole tournament for me to hurt, trying to meet me and asked my phone, but I said "no." At that time, for me there was only tournament grid and nothing more. Besides Maxim with friends is so much fun spending time in Paris, this is the fun continued at the stadium, and I was all serious: the first Grand Slam final.
When we started dating, sport is not particularly contributed to the development of our relations. Maxim played in the NHL and was totally dependent on the schedule of games, I also had a very busy tournament schedule. What they say - we lived on different continents! It was hard, one wakes up and runs to the gym, and the other is to sleep, and he wants to talk before bedtime, not 10 minutes, and preferably a couple of hours. But this was no time. It took a lot of understanding and patience. And that we had, because we were engaged in the same business! Although we could not see each other for several months. Flew together for 1-2 days and then fly away. Maxim exist in this mode must have been harder than I do. Because we all know that men do not like to wait a long time, around them there is always someone ready to comfort and caress.
I waited Petersburg will lead me into raptures, and no mistake. Yes, it is often not very good weather, but when you go and look at all the splendor of architecture, the weather excites the least. The first week I was always surprised when turn on the television, why they speak Russian? I had a feeling that we are somewhere abroad.

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