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Originally Posted by HowardH View Post
I have no idea whether she really said that but if she does decide to be stronger, I hope she doesn't make the mistake of thinking that just by eating a bit more it will happen. It might happen for a young guy who basically has natural steroids due to testosterone etc, but it won't happen for a woman.

The only way to know you are getting stronger is to make it measurable. You have to lift and increase the amount of weight you are able to lift. For women in particular, they tend not to add muscle if they just eat, they add fat instead. Well, it can be part of a woman's curvy and soft charm (up to around 20% the fat usually goes to the "right places" for a woman, although some women are more unlucky), but it doesn't help them as an athlete. If she can lift 1 kg more per week during the offseason that would be a good goal. Figure out how much weight she can move in each basic exercise and make sure it improves every week, probably lifting 2-3 times a week with at least 48 hrs between sessions would be good, together with training for her cardiovascular system on off days (interval training, cycling, running).

A good test to make sure you are gaining muscle more than fat is to check your vertical jumping height. It needs to improve or at the very least stay the same when you increase your strength, otherwise you are adding more fat than muscle. Sprint speed over 10m needs to improve or at the very least remain stable.

You should probably note that unlike many other people I have never felt that Ana is too skinny or anything like that. She is clearly not anorexic or anything, she looks like a gorgeous model, and neither do I believe that she is "naturally bigger" just because she was a bit plumper the first time I saw her. Genetics only plays a smallish role in determining an athlete's muscular strength, most of it is training unless you need to be as strong as an olympic weightlifter. Also her parents are pretty slim, as is her brother if I recall. But sometimes I think that Ana might actually be afraid of the kind of hard training necessary to build strength and stamina. I hope she proves that this is not the case.
Yes.. but I guess she needs someone to help her.. I don't think she can control all this without a trainer.. a full time one, not someone to be with her 3 weeks during off season.

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