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Re: Showtime Drama: "Homeland"

Originally Posted by Whitehead's Boy View Post
They are not "letting him go", they offered Broady immunity in exchange of his help. They had no choice at this point. It isn't unrealistic, deals with criminals are done to catch a bigger fish. I mean, keeping in mind that this is a TV show and the genre, overall it is quite a realistic show.

And some people are obviously missing on the subtilities of the show. The relationship between Carrie and Broady is extremely complex and ambigious. Carrie decided to use the personal angle to get Broady to speak, and it worked. She is not an idiot, nor is she like a dumb teenager in love. Part of the interview was obviously a game. However it's clear she still has feelings for him so that makes it very ambigious between the 2.

The last episode was the best one, by far.

First of all, well said although I dont know if I completely agree with you.

Broady gets immunity in exchange for his help, but it seems unrealistic because which idiot is going to trust him to be a mole. Broady is so deeply invested in his revenge and alliance to the terrorist group, do you think one interrogation scene is going to change him? Who would be dumb enough to let him out in the public? Well I guess the "juice" in the show is to see which road Broady takes. Still think its unrealistic.

I completely agree with you on Carrie and Broady's relationship. It is complex, manipulative on both ends, and genuine to some degree from both ends as well. We are seeing such a vulnerable Carrie this season compared to last seasons' cut-throat Carrie.

Does anyone get bad vibes from the other interrogator guy who is working with Carrie? Maybe I am thinking too much about it....

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